New solo set commisioned through PRS for Music Foundation.

Performances in November 2015.

Spirit Spout is a chapter from Melville’s Moby Dick and refers to the Pequod crew, observing a elusive spouting whale in the distance, who is permanently just out of reach. It captures the essence of improvisation, and its interstices with formal composition. IMC wishes to empower leading Irish jazz practitioner Simon Jermyn to establish himself in this fertile area of creative practice. Based in NYC, Simon shows great promise, working within the highest echelons of the city’s jazz milieu. Solo performance on electric bass (and guitars) is unusual, but he has proven himself a laterally minded and original voice. In addition to his established reputation as an improviser, this project will be timely in his evolution as a performer straddling improvisation and contemporary music.

Three composers are committed – David Crowell (Bang on a Can), Caleb Burhans (Alarm Will Sound) and NI composer Frank Lyons. NYC Luthier Simon Propert is building a six string bass, for Simon to identify its potential for expanded tonal and textural vocabulary. The pieces will each be 10 minutes, linked by improvisations that reference the thematic context of Spirit Spout.

Improvised Music Company (IMC) is a leading Irish concert producer, and the project has been developed over 18 months with Simon Jermyn, an Irish artist with whom we have a long and productive association. Partners have been identified through established networks within Ireland and The UK. IMC will underwrite administrative costs for the project and assume the role of project producer.



New Website!

Hello there, this is my new and up to date website. It is packed with audio and video and info on things I do, in case you are interested in that sort of thing.

I’ll be releasing two album over the coming months. One with my quartet of Ingrid Laubrock, Mat Maneri and Tom Rainey. And one with a trio called Pinto with Sean Carpio and Robin Fincker.

I’ll also be spending two days in the studio in early April with a collaborative trio I am part of with Allison Miller and Jerome Sabbagh. I am excited about that.

This website was built and customized and made so nice by Annika Jermyn. If you like her stuff you can find her at . Yes you can.


This is a song of mine called Lean, from a new and soon to be released quartet album with Ingrid Laubrock, Mat Maneri and Tom Rainey. It was mixed by Ryan Ferreria. It is not mastered yet.

I am thinking about calling this band mr Dinosaur, because I like dinosaurs, but I am not sure yet.


This a track from the new and unreleased Pinto album. Its a tune of mine called QT. I hope you like quarter tones.

Pinto is Robin Fincker -tenor / clarinet, Sean Carpio – drums and me playing bass.